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Ascended Masters Choir

Together Again

Together Again CD cover

Back together again for one last album, the Ascended Masters Choir consciously recreated their greatest hits as well as added a whole new dimension to some brand new sonic master pieces.

Featuring such favorites as Welcome Om and Perfect, you can feel and hear the universal energy as the Ascended Masters Choir raise their voices with the subtle vibrations of the universe. It just doesn't get any more profound that this single moment of song and inspiration.

Recorded at the Qtouch Studio and enhanced with Qtouch MuSync™ Alpha - Theta Brainwave patterns and ambient nature sounds. The AMC brought their Tibetan bells and Mystic chimes. The Wizardnow Cosmic Rhythm section was also featured to recreate the original magick that started it all.

Produced by Wizardnow

Mixed by Laughingtube

Mastered by Wizardfx.


Available Now.