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Quantum Meditation Project

Quantum Meditation Project

Quantum Meditation Project – String theory you can dance to. Third eye musical meditations using all eleven dimensions so you can transcend time and space while laughing at the cosmic magick of it all. Joyous Energy Entrainment Experience. Instead of trying to still the mind, fill and free the mind with Quantum Meditation Music. Be all Now.

Enjoy previews of all 7 songs from the Quantum Meditation Project in the new QMP Music Video

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Also available on CD and direct from Amazon.com.

Preview Individual Tracks below:

Preview Entanglement:

Entanglement - 8:39 (CD version only) - Consciously connected without limits of perceptual time and space.

Preview Max Planck's Field:

Max Planck's Field – 8:55 Conscious synaptic s creating perceptional reality.


Preview Timeless Travel:

Timeless Travel – 7:18 Across time and space, beyond the body, through stillness of spirit with cool rain and gentle breezes. “You are now free to move about the Universe.”


Preview Be All Now:

Be All Now - 5:55 Possibilities of positive dance energy with one and all. Always find your partner in the mirror.

Preview Realization of Resonance:

Realization of Resonance - 5:40 About an internal electron clock that seems to keep a beat but doesn't care to tell you what time it is. The sweeping hands just wave back at you.

Preview Quantum Masters:

Quantum Masters - 6:52 They are at it again. With guitars hung low, long dark robes, and pointy hats, you can feel the magick rock.

Preview Schroedinger's Cat:

Schroedinger's Cat - 9:09 Here kitty, kitty. Are you hiding in the box or some other plane of existence? Is that purring I hear or Brahman Snoring?