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Royalty Free

Sound Tracks

royality free

Royalty Free Sound Track ... only 19.95 ... play preview

- Use this 66 minute Royalty Free Sound Track for you next voice over project, guided meditation, message, hypnosis or NLP session. Mix, edit, and create your project without any additional fees or licenses.

Nature Sounds

Royalty Free Nature Sounds ... only 19.95 ... play preview

- Ambient sounds of rain, birds, Tibetan Bells, streams, rivers, waterfalls, and the Ocean are mixed into this complete 61 minute session. Perfect for background sounds during Yoga, Message, Guided Meditation, Hypnosis or NLP sessions. Use for relaxation, visualization, or even while sleeping.


Only $19.95 each in mp3 format. Add to your mp3 player or burn to CD. Use in any project without additional fees or licenses.

For custom project please Contact Us, let's create something fantastic together!